Il Viaggio Verso L'Italia

Learning Italian, Phrase by Simple Phrase

September 26, 2017


Thank you is arguably the most useful word in any language. This was the first word that I actively tried to pick up, and am still learning to pronounce properly! From a background of Cantonese and English, learning to roll my r was definitely a challenge. Along this theme is the second word which I pursued, and that is per favore, or please. You might notice the proximity to the Spanish por favor. Being polite definitely goes a long way in any culture, particularly one in which one is visiting.

If someone has done something exceptional for you, you may wish to say grazie mille, or thank you very much! Literally, it means "thanks a thousand." Grazie suffices for most situations, however, translating into English as either thanks or thank you.

Postscript: I'm told that it is technically correct to say molte grazie, but no Italian actually says this!