Il Viaggio Verso L'Italia

Learning Italian, Phrase by Simple Phrase

October 9, 2017

Il viaggio verso l'Italia

il = the, definite article for (most) singular masculine nouns

viaggio = journey

verso = to, as in, the journey to...

l'Italia = Italy, with the contracted definite article for a singular feminine noun

The journey to Italy. I think I should have explained my blog title before this, but a quick translation would have done as well! On the surface, it is obvious that my blog title represents my journey learning Italian language and culture. For me, it also represents a journey to the world outside my home in general, how I try to travel.

You see, most of my life has been spent in the United States of America, Stati Uniti d'America. Although I was born in Hong Kong, have lived in South Korea and have visited Japan, Thailand, Canada and Australia as a tourist, my first trip to Europe was earlier this year. I saw Barcelona, Sicily and Rome, and had the opportunity to compete in Berlin just a month later, stopping in the airports of Oslo and Stockholm. In all of these places, my language skills, ranging from passable to nonexistent, were thoroughly tested. My goal in learning languages is always conversational fluency, and this blog is to help me practice!