Il Viaggio Verso L'Italia

Learning Italian, Phrase by Simple Phrase

October 10, 2017

Ho una domanda per te.

ho = I have, 1st person singular present tense of avere, "to have"

una = a, indefinite article for a singular feminine noun

domanda = question. The plural would be domande, "questions"

per = for

te = you, the object of a preposition, per in this case

I have a question for you. This is one of my most oft-used sentences for my Italian friends! I am sure that they are tired of this sentence by now, and the incessant odd domande and discussions that follow.

This is also an opportunity for me to start a bit of a mini project. In Italian and other Romance languages, I find that the verb endings can be a bit challenging, particularly for irregular verbs, and are best memorized. For the next six days, starting today, I will use the same basic words in multiple forms, eventually completing the table of present tense conjugations of avere, "to have."

I have ho