Il Viaggio Verso L'Italia

Learning Italian, Phrase by Simple Phrase

September 15, 2017

Risorsa, risorse.

Resource, resources.

risorsa = resource, singular. Note the ending in a, which denotes a feminine noun.

risorse = resources, plural. Note the changed ending to e, which is the plural feminine.

Like every good project, I begin by collecting the resources that I will need. I may be able to collect additional risorse as I go, but this is how I start. My main learning tool will actually be an app on my phone, Duolingo. It is available for free for both Android and iOS, although with ads and an option to pay extra. I actually started learning another language on this app, before it had ads. I should add that Duolingo doesn't know that I exist, nor should they care. I just really like this app for everyday practice.

Google Translate has been incredibly valuable as well, particularly the app. Since I carry a phone with me on a regular basis, I can use it for translation on the fly. In Sicily, I even managed to have entire conversations with a few people through this app.

On the periphery, but arguably more important, are my incredibly patient friends willing to help me with this project. It is through their kindness and assistance that I am able to make as much progress as I do. Of course, all mistakes are mine...!