Il Viaggio Verso L'Italia

Learning Italian, Phrase by Simple Phrase

September 16, 2017

Parlo l'inglese.

I speak English.

parlo = I speak. 1st person singular present tense for parlare, "to speak"

l'inglese = English. Literally, "the English (language)"

I also speak Cantonese and some Spanish. Why this particular mix? I currently live in the United States, but was born in Hong Kong and moved here with my family when I was a child. I picked up Spanish from a friend from Peru, and it was he who introduced me to the Duolingo app. It has been incredibly useful, from being able to speak with various friends in their native language to navigating in Barcelona, Spain, or even just communicating with my co-workers, many of whom are from Mexico. Since Italian and Spanish are both Romance languages, I look forward to drawing parallels when I can. For example, the next phrase is structured similarly to the Spanish phrase me gustan linguas. Mi piacciono le lingue! I like languages!